50% off Children's appointments for January!!


We are running a very special deal for January which is not something we generally do, so make the most of it while you can! Half price appointments for all under 18 year old's whether they are new or existing patients and you can use this deal as many times as you like for the month of January. 

We know how beneficial it is for kids to have chiropractic treatment and get checked regularly and we would like everyone else to know too. To name a few; improved immune system, injury prevention and healing, behavioural and developmental issues, sinus and allergies, digestion, sleep and growing pains are a few of the many things that may improve with chiropractic care. January is a great time to have children checked after the rush of Christmas and before school and routine starts again. There are no age restrictions either, from newborn babies through to teenagers we are happy to see them all. The treatment techniques we use are very gentle and babies and children will often enjoy their sessions. Once a child has realised how they feel after an adjustment they will often ask if they can go when they need to, how empowering is that! 

Check out our website for more information about our work with little humans. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions 03 445 4866 and you can book online now to make sure you don't miss out! We will be closed for just over a week during the Christmas break but will respond to any messages as soon as we can. See you in 2018!