Have a Happy, Healthy Easter

Sugar has been a hot topic lately and quite frankly, it’s about time! You can’t change what you don’t know or understand. Unfortunately, the sugar that is creeping into our diets is more than “just a little”!

What are the daily recommendations for sugar consumption???
Men: below 36g
Women: below 25g
Children: shouldn’t have more than 12g.
Now consider that the average fizzy drink or natural fruit juice drink has 40-50g of sugar, we are clearly overdoing it. (Note: 1 tsp = 4g of sugar)

In a Forbes report from 2012, it was estimated that the average adult consumes 88g of sugar per day and the average child consumes 128g of sugar. Add that to the fact that it lights up the brain and addiction centers like cocaine, we have a real problem.

It’s time for a change. If you find that you are one of those people that areaddicted to sugar, cut out all added sugar for one month. This will help you break both the physical and emotional craving. If you are a parent, replace the juice and cut soda out completely. Water is the best for hydrating a growing body. (Pretty good for us adults, too!)