How to prevent jet lag……

Jet Lag

Jet lag can be one of the downsides to long haul travel and it can turn you into a bit of a zombie for the first few days of your trip. ‘Desynchronosis’ is the medical term for jet lag. It means that your circadian rhythm ( your body clock) is out of sync. Your body thinks it’s still in one time zone, but it’s physically somewhere else.

Here are a few simple ways that you can minimize the effect it has on you and your family when you next travel;

  1. Stay hydrated; being on the plane itself will cause dehydration, so sipping water throughout the flight and avoiding caffeine and alcohol will help you feel better on arrival.

  2. Set your watch to the new time zone before you take off and try and stick to this routine for eating and sleeping, this can be hard when meals are offered at particular times but try your best. An eye mask is a good idea to get some sleep when the lights are on.

  3. Exercise is a great way to help your body feel more alive after sitting still for hours on end, even just a brisk walk or stretches at the airport are good if you have to wait for a connecting flight. The airport play areas are great for kids to let off a bit of steam.

  4. Essential oils can be useful to help you with sleep patterns at certain times, on my recent trip to the UK I used peppermint oil to help wake me up and lavender to encourage me to sleep. This works well for kids too.

  5. I also find the most helpful thing I do on arrival at a destination is book the whole family in for a chiropractic adjustment. After being sedentary for so long and sleeping in crazy positions, plus carrying luggage and little people around, the body needs the reset button pressed!

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Happy Travels!

Beth Hunter (Chiropractor)