Improve your pelvic floor function with chiropractic care

Research studies show you can improve the function of your pelvic floor muscles with chiropractic care. This particular study focused on pregnant women but treatment would be beneficial to anyone with pelvic floor dysfunction or better yet to prevent it from happening!

Why this study matters.
Your pelvic floor muscles are integral to the birth process, and to the prevention
of incontinence.
• Chiropractic care can have an impact on pelvic floor muscles.
• Pregnant women who received chiropractic care had a greater ability to relax their
pelvic floor muscles at rest.
•This relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles may mean that chiropractic care could be
of benefit to pregnant women, as it may help them have a natural vaginal delivery.

"If we can have uncomplicated, natural vaginal delivery without drugs and intervention,
the baby is better off and the woman is better off. This study we have done suggests
chiropractic care can help women by relaxing their pelvic floor muscles.”

Neuroscientist and Chiropractic Researcher
Heidi Haavik