Help!! My child has a flat head....

You may or may not have noticed that either your child or a friends child's head looks a little 'different' or asymmetrical - whether it's cone shaped, flattened at the back or twisted. This condition is called plagiocephaly.  Minor cranial asymmetries can be identified and treated to help prevent them leading to plagiocephaly.

Plagiocephaly infants cromwell chiropractic

Here are some of the causes of cranial asymmetries:

  • In utero - mothers health, pelvic distortions and foetal positioning
  • Birth process - foetal positioning and labour time (very fast or very slow)
  • Birth intervention - forceps, vacuum extraction or c-section 

Here are some of the early signs of cranial asymmetries:

  • Infant favours looking one side
  • Difficulty sucking/latching
  • Holds the head tipped to one side
  • Dislikes lying on their back
  • Poor sleep patterns
  • It may lead developmental issues with motor and language skills

The good news is Chiropractic may be able to help! At Cromwell Chiropractic we treat babies of all ages with gentle, low force techniques to help reduce tension and stress from birth and early development. Although it is never too late to have your child checked, the first year of life is the optimum time to detect and correct the patterns which can lead to plagiocephaly.

If you have questions or would like to have your child checked please call us on 03 445 4688.