Chiropractic may help to boost your mood this winter!

                          Chiropractic makes you smile!

                          Chiropractic makes you smile!

Our bodies are cleverly designed to self heal by detecting any faults and correcting them before they become a problem. This is true for both the body and mind. We are all exposed to factors like stress, injury, nutritional deficiencies, and illness which can create changes in body chemistry. If we are not able to adapt and adjust to these factors then ill health may occur. 

Adjustments work to improve the function of the nervous system. This will create a situation in which the nervous system is functioning at it’s optimal levels  and more efficient in balancing the body’s chemistry. And, the result of balanced body chemistry is a decrease or elimination of issues that occur due to imbalanced body chemistry, such as mood disorders.

In addition to improving nerve function to improve mood, improved nerve function allows us to think more clearly and kick that groggy or hazy feeling. It also works to energize the body, allowing for higher function during the day. And lastly, it works to increase the restfulness and depth of sleep. All of these factors also work to improve mood, after all, when we’re physically feeling our best, our mood is at it’s best and most stable.

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Lets Beat Those Winter Blues!