Keeping hydrated is crucial for health and well-being, but many people do not consume enough fluids each day.

Adult humans are 60 percent water, and our blood is 90 percent water. 

Adult humans are 60 percent water, and our blood is 90 percent water. 

Health authorities commonly recommend a minimum of eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon. This is called the 8×8 rule and is very easy to remember. You may need more during times of sweating, vomiting or diarrhea and when breastfeeding.

  1. Water is essential for the digestive system to work properly, dehydration can lead to constipation, acid reflux and stomach ulcers. The risks of colorectal cancer, kidney stones, and bladder cancer may be reduced by more frequent water consumption.
  2. When dehydrated, the skin can become more vulnerable to skin disorders and wrinkling. As we age we lose our ability to recognise thirst, so need to drink more regularly.
  3. Helps to lubricate joints, cartilage contains 80% water and dehydration can lead to joint pain.
  4. Regulates body temperature by preventing heat stress and low blood pressure from sweating.
  5. Preventing high blood pressure from blood from thickening due to dehydration.
  6. Removes waste through sweat, urine and feces.
  7. Boosts performance during exercise and helps increase energy levels.
  8. Drinking water instead of other soft drinks can help with weight loss.

It is also important to make sure we have the correct balance of salts with our water intake.

Drinking water will temporarily treat the symptoms of dehydration, but the balance of salt intake is what makes the real difference in health and hydration. Choose unrefined sea salt and Himalayan salt which hasn't gone through the chemical adding, refining process that table salt has.

Dr Batmanghelidj, author of The essential guide to Water and Salt recommends that healthy individuals take a half teaspoon of unrefined salt to every 10 glasses of water (you might need more during times you are excessively sweating). His book is a fascinating read and a good starting point for making the necessary changes to improve your health. 

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