Do you have pelvic floor dysfunction?

Following physiotherapist Lisa Carnie's informative talk at our Women's Wellness Evening last week, we thought you might like to know a little bit more about the pelvic floor muscles (yes there are multiple muscles involved). Some of the muscles may be weak and some may be too tight. Although the photo below is a female pelvic floor, the same principles apply to the men out there and you can have a imbalanced pelvic floor too! Please read on...


Symptoms of pelvic floor imbalance: 

  1. Back and pelvic pain and weakness: as the muscles act as stabilisers
  2. Incontinence
  3. Frequently needing to go to the toilet or not fully emptying your bladder
  4. Poor sexual function including pain
  5. Prolapses: in women, this may be felt as a bulge in the vagina or a feeling of heaviness, discomfort, pulling, dragging or dropping, in men, this may be felt as a bulge in the rectum or a feeling of needing to use their bowels but not actually needing to go.

The pelvic floor has an important role in stabilising the spine and pelvis and dysfunction can be a contributing factor to lower back pain. Chiropractic care can be beneficial in clearing your nervous system of interference which might be affecting the function of your pelvic floor muscles. We can work alongside your pelvic floor physiotherapist to help you achieve the results you are hoping for. 

These symptoms are NOT normal so please do seek help!

If you have any concerns about your pelvic floor function please visit your GP or pelvic floor physio and get in touch with your chiropractic team at Cromwell Chiropractic. 

E:  Tel: 03 445 4688 or you can book online here.