The physical benefits of yoga

yoga and chiropractic.jpeg

There are three things that we do physically to the tissues of our body when we stress them through yoga positions: compress, stretch and twist.

  • When we do a backwards bend, we cause the joints in the spine to compress
  • When we do a forward fold, we stretch the fascia, muscles and ligaments along the back of the spine
  • When we do a twist, we provide a shearing stress between the joints of the spine and the ribs

The results of these stresses affect the body on many levels. Through twisting, elongating and compressing the tissues our bodies become rejuvenated. What also happens when we compress, stretch and twist the spine is we release the build-up of toxins and waste products. This is done by promoting the blood and lymphatic system to function properly. Even old scar tissue can be broken down and removed. 


The resistance to stretching or moving in a certain way is due to the tension along the tissues.

  • 47% of this tension comes from our joint capsules and ligaments
  • 41% from muscles and the remaining
  • 12% from tendons and skin

In summary; to keep your body flexible and strong you must keep it moving! Yoga and chiropractic treatment are both excellent way to do this and they work really well together. You can talk to us at Cromwell Chiropractic if you need advice on appropriate exercises and stretches and keep an eye on our facebook page for our weekly Sunday Stretch post!.

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