If getting to sleep is currently difficult due to the heat or an inability to get comfortable, then seeing your family chiropractor won’t just soothe your sleepless nights — it may also improve the quality of your shuteye, according to the US National Sleep Foundation.

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Founded in 1990, the non-profit National Sleep Foundation promotes public
understanding of sleep and sleep disorders. It says: `While chiropractors generally
aren’t thought of as being experts on sleep issues, one-third of people who have a
chiropractic adjustment report that they experience immediate sleep improvement.'
Chiropractor and NZCA spokesperson Dr Cassandra Fairest explains: `As well as
assessing the spine and nervous system to relieve discomfort and improve
wellbeing, your family chiropractor has plenty of suggestions for getting better sleep.
A New Zealand study showed that nearly half of the people surveyed reported
improved sleep after a programme of chiropractic care.(3)

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The National Sleep Foundation also points out that parents might consider
chiropractic care for children with sleep difficulties given that one in four babies has
sleep troubles. It references research which suggests 40 percent of infants
experience deeper sleep after just one session with a chiropractor.
Dr Fairest says: `It goes without saying that once your baby is sleeping well, you’ll
get a better night’s sleep too. A recently published study reporting the use of
chiropractic in the USA(5) found a substantial proportion of US adults used
chiropractic services along with their regular medical care over the past 12 months,
and subsequently reported associated positive outcomes for overall well-being
and/or specific health problems.’
New Zealand’s chiropractors are taking the lead to inform, educate and inspire
people to prevent pain and disability by improving their posture, addressing spinal
problems and engaging in physical activity.

4.Miller J, Klemsdal M: Can chiropractic improve infant's sleep?. J Clin Chirop Ped. 2008, 19 (1): 557-560.

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